The Lobby

Designed by

Roelfien Vos

Curvy shapes, bold colours and luxurious textures… welcome to our central networking space, designed by Roelfien Vos.

Inspired by the roaring twenties - a period where culture, music, travelling and dining roared after years of depression and war - when popular style movements such as Art Deco and Art Nouveau had an impact on industry, architecture, graphic and interior design, as well as visual art and fashion. 

“My story for The Lobby shows a sophisticated environment that evokes emotion and warmth. 100 Years after the 1920’s, leisure has become more accessible and is an important factor in peoples’ daily lives. More importantly, people are looking for that memorable experience in hospitality.” - Roelfien Vos

Showcasing diverse materials, unique textures and a provocative colour scheme, The Lobby invites you to take a moment to unwind, enjoy refreshments, and host meetings with its welcoming atmosphere.

Within this space is ‘The Suite’, our VIP area centered in The Lobby hosting private events for speakers, show partners and their guests.

Roelfien Vos IS proud to be collaborating with: