The Lobby

Designed by
Roelfien Vos

Hoteliers are invited to meet in The Lobby, a central networking space at the heart of the show.

A showcase of curvy shapes, bold colours and luxurious textures, The Lobby also serves as a cosmopolitan space for networking and meeting.

Take a moment to unwind, enjoy refreshments, or host meetings within The Lobby's welcoming atmosphere. Within this space is you'll also find ‘The Suite’, our VIP area hosting private events for speakers, show partners and their guests.

 We’re delighted that Roelfien Vos is returning to design the 2020 version.

“My story for The Lobby showed a sophisticated environment that evokes emotion and warmth. 100 Years after the1920s, leisure has become more accessible and is an important factor in peoples’ daily lives. More importantly; people are looking for that memorable experience in hospitality.” - Roelfien Vos

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