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14 Dec 2023

Christmas at... The Hoxton, Brussels

Christmas at... The Hoxton, Brussels

hoxtonNestled in the heart of the city's vibrant northern district, The Hoxton, Brussels has transformed into a winter wonderland for the first time. We speak with their General Manager, Chaim Scheepers to find out how his experience at The Hoxton has been and the special events you can expect during the festive season!

Give us an introduction to yourself and your experience in the industry

I'm originally from the Netherlands but started my hotel career in London with Starwood Hotels, which later became Marriott, and spent five years there. Then, I headed to India, followed by Switzerland, Hungary, and New Zealand. And now, I'm back in Europe, happily settled in Brussels, where I've been the General Manager of The Hoxton, Brussels for the past year and a half, leading up to the lovely project launching the hotel and co-working space.

Can you tell us a bit about The Hoxton and why it was chosen to launch in Brussels?

We already had Hotels in Amsterdam and Paris, and with Brussels being the halfway destination it was the obvious choice as it creates a beautiful steppingstone for people who travel between those cities and London too, where we have another 4 Hoxtons. It’s really exciting to bring our brand to Brussels; to the heart of Europe. Plus, we think this city was in need of a hotel like The Hoxton. It’s a great city, but the hotel offerings can be a bit traditional. We like to shake things up and bring a fresh perspective on hospitality. And the response we've gotten from guests in the seven months since we opened has been fantastic. It's clear there's an appetite for this kind of experience in Brussels.

How would you describe Christmas at The Hoxton and what you have planned for it?

chlaimWe try to align Christmas across all the Hoxton’s. Our hotel is already very homely and warm, so we try to keep that and not do too flashy decorations, the colour palette we have chosen includes warm oranges and greens. It’s a mix between a retro look and warm, but nothing too tacky or over the top.

Are there any special events or activities that you were putting on around Christmas that guests can enjoy?

Our restaurant has a special Christmas menu that can be enjoyed by individuals as well as groups. It’s almost fully booked already. The Apartment can be rented out, providing a beautiful place to celebrate privately or as a team. We include different options there, from a sit down three-course meal to more casual options with canapés and a DJ which a lot more people opt into. We are also throwing a massive New Year's Eve party on our rooftop and our ground floor with 4 different DJs!

Are you collaborating with any local businesses for the festive season or generally?

We are all about the neighborhood, so we have collaborated with many local businesses. For example, Swet Sauces which are invented and handmade in Brussels and Rish Kombucha which is made right here on our doorstep. We stock all the products in our Hox shop, but it can also be ordered in our restaurants. We also collaborate with restaurants in our neighborhood as we would love our guests to go there as well as the other way around to discover new things.

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