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BEONx at FITUR 2024: Pioneering Sustainable Profit in the Hotel Industry

BEONx Stand: D99
BEONx at FITUR 2024: Pioneering Sustainable Profit in the Hotel Industry
Delve into the transformative potential of BEONx's Sustainable Profit Platform – a blueprint for the future, addressing industry challenges through innovation, digitalisation, and a commitment to global well-being.

At FITUR 2024, the International Tourism Trade Fair held at IFEMA Madrid, BEONx unveiled its Sustainable Profit Platform, marking a significant achievement for the company and reinforcing our dedication to reshaping the hospitality industry.

Rubén Sánchez, the CEO, and Emilio Galán, the CTO, who are also the founders of BEONx, passionately introduced the innovative vision that underlies the platform’s transformative potential. Their presentation not only showcased the cutting-edge technology but also highlighted BEONx’s commitment to profitable and forward-thinking solutions for hotels.

Following this visionary introduction, Cayetana Fernández, the VP of product at BEONx, took the stage to present the comprehensive roadmap of the Sustainable Profit Platform. Her presentation delved into the intricate details of how the platform aims to revolutionise hospitality practices by incorporating sustainability at its core.

Navigating Industry Challenges

We all know the hospitality sector faces unique challenges, some of them we have taken into account like: isolated and fragmented data, lost profit opportunities, rigid business models, and untapped talent and resources. At BEONx, we understand these hurdles intimately. During our talk at FITUR, we delved deep into these issues, providing insights and shedding light on the pressing need for a cohesive, dynamic approach to overcome them.

BEONx Solutions: A Pathway to Sustainability

Our presentation outlined comprehensive solutions we have not only designed but also implemented, to revolutionise the hotel industry:

  • Digitalisation and connectivity: Using data integration we propose our easy to use solution that integrates with all the main PMS and automates complexities in a single BI dashboard, providing a holistic view of profitability analytics across the entire business.
  • Unlocking talent and resources through automation and AI: Our AI driven technology automates the publication of strategy recommendations, protecting the hotel revenues and delivering the strategy to the distribution channels.
  • Breaking silos, partnerships as a business strategy: Shifting the industry from looking at digitalisation, connectivity and sustainability as a cost into investment growth.
  • Recapturing lost profit opportunities: deliver real value for money. Optimise costs, revenue generation and retention across every guest touchpoint.

A Vision for the Future: Profitability Meets Sustainability

Our vision extends beyond immediate gains; at BEONx, we are crafting a future where profitability and sustainability are not just parallel goals but are deeply intertwined. We advocate for practices that not only boost revenue but also contribute positively to the global community and environment.

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