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Salto Systems Stand: B31

Inspiration, dedication and passion have led SALTO to become one of the world’s top hospitality sector suppliers of electronic access control systems in little more than 10 years. Our commitment to improving guest access, comfort and security in hotels worldwide through innovative technology has lead to exceptional customer satisfaction, both for the client and the end-user.

For the Hospitality market, SALTO has developed specific add-ons, which allow hotel clients to easily control all their access and guest management needs with one wire-free, easy-to-use system. SALTO suits all sizes and types of hotels, providing an optimal guest experience and best utilization of a hotel’s rooms, back-of-house and meeting space infrastructure.

We actively encourage you to visit the website and hope you enjoy finding out more about how SALTO can add value to your hospitality businesses operations.

JustIN Mobile Access:

The intuitive SALTO JustIN Mobile app communicates securely via the Cloud and enables guests to receive a room key online, anytime and anywhere. When guests arrive at your hotel, they can choose to go straight to their room and receive their key on their phone, or they can ask for assistance at reception. It is their own choice. Technologically cutting-edge, SALTO mobile means the end of lost key hassles, expenses and waste. Plus, the technology isn’t limited to hotel rooms -- it can also be used on main entrance doors, elevators, car park barriers, meeting rooms, etc.

About SALTO Hospitality:

SALTO Systems is the access control choice for over 10,000 boutique, luxury and chain hotel customers worldwide. Every day in over 90 countries, over 15 million people use SALTO products to provide total control over who is able to access what, where and when at all times.

Our state-of-the-art electronic access control systems include AElement our revolutionary RFID wireless hotel lock, JustIN Mobile technology that allows guests to use their smartphone as their hotel room key. SALTO´s broad product range covers every aspects of the access control spectrum, from back-of-house, guest services doors to guest room management. Smart, secure and easy to install, these SALTO premium electronic hotel locks need no hard wiring and provide a wire-free networked locking solution with a modern range of features, without sacrificing security or design. All are designed to enhance the guest experience and maximise hotel security while enabling customers to enjoy all the advantages of operating virtually ‘keyless’ properties that are secure, as well as smart to own, operate and manage.

SALTO suits all sizes and types of hotels, and provides an optimal guest experience while our access control solutions are focused on design, simplicity and efficiency. They remove complicated and expensive wiring and introduce wireless technology and mobile access with their real long-term advantages for the hospitality market. And we’ve also developed specific add-ons, which allow hotel clients to easily control all their access and guest management needs with one, easy-to-use system, so whatever you want to secure and control in your hotel or resort property – SALTO Systems can do it all.

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