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SBIT Hospitality ICT Services

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SBIT Hospitality ICT Services

Sbit wants to be the ICT-services authority in Europe. The way we work is simple: we want to be intuitive, create less work and downtime for the customer while using a safe and secure ICT environment.  

Our teams are familiar with all ICT aspects within the hotel industry. We focus on quality combined with strategic and practical solutions. We make sure the guests and employees feel safe and are treated with great care, also the hotel manager will have a good night sleep. This means we protect and secure their data and provide them with flawless work days.   

From our office The Netherlands we offer WiFi, IP Television with Netflix and Apple/Android device streaming, IP camera’s, VoIP telephony, digital signage, 24/7 ICT system support and Microsoft office 365/sharepoint solutions.


Oostbaan 1120
2841 ML


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  • In case of a problem, just call us and we will answer the phone in 10 seconds. No need to press an extension number, you will be helped promptly. We also make use of an ICT portal to request changes o ...
  • Which path can a criminal take in your hotel? How do you monitor this? We will be glad to advise you which systems and products you can use. Together we will find the best solution for your hotel. The ...
  • Can a complete network outage occur? Yes. Think about fire, water damage or viruses. But not to worry. Within one hour we have the network up and running again. Yes, we worry for and with you when the ...
  • Office 365 makes life easy for your employees. Wherever you are and always secure. Whether you are in the office or on the road, with the Office-tools your Office programs are always up to date with t ...
  • Using cloud solutions is ideal. Especially when using Sbit’s configuration. Clear and simple. We developed the Sbit Hospitality Cloud based on the way hotels work. A smart concept whereby we efficient ...
  • Don’t be distracted. Sbit takes care of your hardware and software which is safe and up to date. Whether you work from your desk or mobile, everything you need has to be in order. A great workplace of ...
  • Clear and crisp communication with your guests is what it is all about in the hospitality industry. By using digital signage the way it is meant to be you are able to communicate even more direct with ...
  • Watching TV, just like at home, that is what the guest wants these days. We are able to provide you with different television channel bundles over fiber, coax and satellite. Furthermore we make sure t ...
  • Telephony has come a long way. The large PBX in the basement is not of these times anymore. Nowadays telephony is nothing more than a possibility of communication using the same network as your comput ...
  • We do not have to tell you about the importance of Wifi: Guest ratings highly depend on it. Running water and Wifi are the most important aspects to have a satisfied guest. Hotel guests expect fast an ...
  • ‘I’d give this hotel 5 stars if the Wi-Fi wasn’t so awful’ Dit is zomaar het gevoel dat kan beklijven bij de gemiddelde hotelgast. Een in-room access point van Zyxel kan de guest experience verbeteren ...
  • 'Er is gewoon een voorsprong van maanden.' Het moment van de hack en de ultieme aanval loopt niet parallel.
  • What steps should you take as a hotelier if you are faced with a cyber attack?
  • Sbit, the ICT outsourcing specialist for the hospitality sector, becomes part of TSH, one of the fastest-growing MSP organizations in the Netherlands. Strikwerda Investments (SI), owner of TSH, become ...
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