Spotlight on... People

In this month's 'Spotlight on...' series our focus is people. Read on for support and advice covering mental health, wellness and stress management, community spirit and engagement, and staff hygiene and safety. The hospitality industry revolves around people, and we want to support you in ensuring your staff are happy, healthy, and informed.

  • The Student Hotel provides safe haven to guests

    The Student Hotel has kept all its locations across Europe open since the onset of the pandemic providing a safe haven for students and others guests unable to get home. "One of our main roles for all of our guests is in really providing a listening ear. They are in lockdown in quite small spaces, but social distancing is still important even in the hotels. So, all the activities we normally do in our common spaces, we're now doing on our online platform" says TSH founder and CEO Charlie MacGregor. Each TSH hotel has 'connectors' who organise community events and this platform has been taken online and greatly extended from local locations across Europe. [Topic: Community spirit and engagement]
  • Facts and fables surrounding housekeeping during corona times

    Most hotels in the Netherlands are fully open again, but how do you ensure that your hotel is safe and hygienic? Does a mouth mask provide the right protection? Does every doorknob need to be cleaned with alcohol every minute? How often do gloves need to be changed and does the microfibre method suffice? Here, Paul Erkelens and Jeannot Peijen summarise the facts and fables. [Topic: Staff hygiene and safety]
  • How to deal with stress in these unique circumstances

    The coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone and everything.⁠ People are working from home en masse, entrepreneurs have concerns about declining turnover and the future, and schools have been closed, so that parents have to share this care during working hours.⁠ These things can be quite stressful. So, how do we prevent a burnout?⁠ Mascha Mooy, owner of “Bye Bye Burnout” teaches you how to read the signs on the road and how to overcome a burnout. [Topic: Mental health, wellness and stress management]
  • In the spotlight: Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam

    Employees wellbeing has always been one of the key priorities of the Lloyd Hotel. Piet Boogert: “We always have an open communication with staff. During the coronavirus closure we have kept communicating and informing our employees. In my opinion, it’s important that you have the courage to be vulnerable as an organisation. The majority of our employees remained active onsite during the closure. This has strengthened our sense of togetherness. Since re-opening, we have merged all the operational departments. We are one team, with one mission”. [Topic: Mental health, wellness and stress management]
  • Wellness advice for hospitality workers returning to work

    Hospitality action have put together some useful advice for hospitality workers returning to work after months of closure. The wellness hub is broken down into advice for both individuals and employers and focuses on key steps to make workers feel confident and safe when returning to work and dealing with customers in the 'new normal' working environment. [Topic: Mental health, wellness and stress management]
  • Hospitality wellness campaign now pause launch relaxation podcasts

    These five minute podcasts have been created to help hospitality workers de-stress and relax their thoughts when heading back to work in their business post-lockdown. The podcasts cover five key topics, including breathing, relaxation and mindfulness. [Topic: Mental health, wellness and stress management]
  • Tips and techniques for supporting your employees during covid-19

    Your employees will need your support and guidance more than ever before when they return to work after months of staying home. Lindsey apple-flynn mental health expert at connect2care has produced a webinar and online resource to provide employers with the tips and insights to support their staff through necessary adjustments with returning to work. [Topic: Mental health, wellness, stress management]
  • Interview with robin hutson, lime wood group and home grown hotels

    As part of our 'spotlight on...' series, we caught up with renowned hotelier robin hutson, founder and chief executive of lime wood group and home grown hotels, to hear how he has managed his team during the covid-19 pandemic, and what measures he has taken to protect his people. [Topic: Mental health, wellness and stress management, staff hygiene and safety]
  • Marketing in an unstable environment

    As part of the montgomery group series, social media expert alison battisby of avocado social joined us to provide an encouraging lesson on how to approach your online marketing, with inspiring examples and practical tips on how to shine bright throughout this difficult time. [Topic: Community spirit and engagement]
  • The £150k marketing playbook for hospitality

    As part of the Montgomery Group Series, Mark McCulloch, Katy Moses and Mark Stretton joined us to present their free of charge '100 Days Playbook'. Filled with expertise in brand, marketing, PR, digital, and social media, to help the hospitality sector get back on its feet. [Topic: Community spirit and engagement]

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