Spotlight on... Sustainability

In this month's 'Spotlight on...' series our focus is sustainability. Read on for insight and advice covering plastic-free solutions, championing local and the war on food waste. The hospitality industry is striving to becoming more sustainable and reduce its carbon footprint, so we want to support you to ensure you have the facts and insight you need to make sustainable changes to your business.

  • Sustainable stays: how Amsterdam is helping its hotels go green

    For many years, the City of Amsterdam has pushed a sustainable agenda, creating an infrastructure and initiatives that businesses from any industry can tap into to offset their carbon footprint. But how is Amsterdam’s hotel sector taking advantage of the city’s innovative spirit? Take a look at which hotels are taking the lead in creating a sustainable future. 
  • Interview with Sian Sutherland, A Plastic Planet

    As part of our 'Spotlight on...' series, we caught up with Sian Sutherland, co-founder of A Plastic Planet to discuss the rising use of plastic and the misconception around plastic as a solution to hygiene and safety in the industry. Plus, we discuss fantastic protection innovations that doesn't add to the plastic pollution.  
  • 100% energy-neutral hotel opens in Amsterdam

    Using nature as inspiration, combined with clever technology and special engineering, Four Elements Hotel Amsterdam is the world’s first fully sustainable, energy neutral hotel. Read on to find out what sustainable initiatives and practices they have implemented in their hotel.
  • Interview with Robbert-Jan Paymans, GROHE

    As part of our 'Spotlight on...Sustainability' series, we interviewed Robbert-Jan Paymans, Manager of the Hotels, Leisure and Architects Division at GROHE, to discuss how they provide hoteliers with the best bathroom and kitchen solutions, whilst integrating sustainability into the business. 
  • Sustainability in Restaurant Design

    Katy Moses, MD of KAM Media interviewed David Chenery, founder of restaurant design company Object, Space, Place. They discuss the impact Covid-19 crisis has had on sustainability within hospitality and where sustainability will feature going forwards. David shares his top tips for operators wanting to embrace sustainability within their venue design and highlights which operators are already leading the way.
  • Interview with Jamie Crummie, Too Good To Go

    Jamie Crummie, Co-Founder of Too Good To Go chats to us about the impact of global food waste on our planet, the operators that have gone above and beyond during the pandemic and his tips for businesses starting their food waste journey.
  • Global Tourism Plastics Initiative

    Many individuals and businesses have been tempted to return to using single-use plastics in the belief this will better protect them from catching or spreading the COVID-19 virus – but there is no reason why increased hygiene protocols should set back the sustainability progress made globally in recent years. The Global Tourism Plastics Initiative released their recommendations for the tourism sector to continue taking action on plastic pollution during COVID-19 recovery.
  • Interview with James Ghaffari, B Corp Certification

    As part of our 'Spotlight on...' series, we interviewed James Ghaffari, Director of B Corp Certification at B Lab UK, to discuss the global movement of B Corp and the fantastic work they are doing to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.
  • Brewdog: Make Earth Great Again

    Brewdog's punked-up plan is to create better beer, for a better planet that's powered by the people. They have announced as a business they are now carbon negative, removing twice as much carbon from the atmosphere than they emit, whilst ensuring driving their emissions to zero. 

Sian Sutherland"The PPE we’re told to wear in shops and cafes is all adding to the estimated 129 billion face masks and 65 billion gloves used every month. If we stitched together every mask already produced, and those projected to be produced, we’d be able to cover the entire landmass of Switzerland. Just one year would result in 3,000 TRILLION plastic face masks being thrown away if we all adopt them. But instead of moaning about the problem, we decided to demonstrate that we can protect ourselves AND our planet."- Sian Sutherland, co-founder of A Plastic Planet

Read the full interview with Sian here


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