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In this month's 'Spotlight on...' series our focus is technology. The hospitality industry relies on innovation to move forward and now, more than ever, new technology is essential to help operators adapt safely and successfully to the ‘new normal’. Read on for the latest tips and advice surrounding business support tech, customer service, and new world solutions. We hope the articles, interviews and products below will provide you with valuable insights and ideas to support your business throughout Covid-19 and beyond.

  • Interview with Karoly Cserfalvi, citizenM

    As part of this months 'Spotlight on...Tech' series we caught up with Karoly Cserfalvi, Tech Partner at citizenM hotel group, to gain an insight into what tech citizenM use to enhance their guest experience, what updates the team are making to ensure their guests get the most out of their experience. Plus, we discuss the inspiring innovations he thinks have come out of lockdown. [Topic: New World Tech, Business Support Tech]
  • An operator's guide to hospitality tech

    Creative insight agency KAM Media have put together an operator guide to hospitality tech, which highlights the key findings from their recent survey. The report outlines consumer expectations and emphasises how important innovative technology will be for operators to move forward and fulfil their customers expectations when eating and drinking out. [Topic: Customer Tech, New World Tech]
  • Create a contactless guest journey for your hotel using digital touchpoints

    The Coronavirus outbreak brought new developments to parts of our lives that previously seemed unchangeable, simply because we'd become so used to a certain way of doing things. Use the latest in hotel technology to create digital touchpoints for your guests, make them feel safe and comfortable, provide personalised service and implement new hygiene protocols. [Topic: Customer Tech, New World Tech]
  • Interview with Ian Millar, Senior Lecturer at EHL

    As part of this months 'Spotlight on...Tech' series, we interviewed Ian Millar, Senior lecturer in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation department at École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), to discuss the latest hospitality tech innovations and learn what advice he has for operators investing in new technology. [Topic: Interview, Business Support Tech, Customer Tech, New World Tech]
  • Top 10 'Tech for Good' for the Hospitality Industry

    We collaborated with Too Good To Go to provide us with their insights on the best 10 technology apps and digital resources for the hospitality industry. From food analytics and sales forecasting to AI and recycling, this list of tech will no doubt provide you with the resources to drive your business forward. [Topic: Business Support Tech, Customer Tech, New World Tech]
  • Use data-driven technologies to improve your independent hotel marketing

    Independent and boutique hotels have been amongst the worst hit businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. For smaller hotels to maximise the period of bounce-back in pent-up demand, now is the time to use data-driven technologies to gain valuable insights, improve marketing performance and boost bookings. Read on to find out how you can create stand-out digital marketing campaigns... [Topic: Business Support Tech]
  • How to corona proof your hotel and generate new income

    As part of the Montgomery Group Series, Romana Stanco and Michiel Gomes joined us to share their expertise and ideas on how to corona proof your hotel by using new technology and suggestions to generate new income. [Topic: Webinar, New World Tech]
  • Advice for adapting your hotels tech offering during Covid-19

    Retail e-commerce expert and former change management business consultant Simon Choi offers advice on how hoteliers can incorporate mobile technologies into their hotels to assist with the challenges of Covid-19 and beyond. [Topic: Business Support Tech, Customer Tech]
  • Technology in the kitchen - free whitepaper

    Access Hospitality recently surveyed 121 operators from across the hospitality industry to understand how they manage their kitchen in changing environment and learn what technology they use in their businesses. Download the free whitepaper to read the survey results and gain an insight into how other operators are using tech in their kitchens. [Topic: Business Support Tech]

Hospitality Lockdown Hero Awards Logo transparent"In the future I can see the scenario where you walk into a hotel [and there's] facial recognition check in, a camera in the elevator which takes you to your floor automatically, then either a mobile key or camera to open your door and voice activated rooms, “lights on, colour deep blue, air con 20°, TV to sky news” - Ian Millar, Senior Lecturer, EHL, School of Hospitality

Read the full interview with ian here


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