17 Mar 2020



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“Creating interiors with meaningful design. For me, this means establishing unique guest experiences and making authentic stories that contribute to the hotel identity of the present-day. For The Lobby I designed a space which reflects upon the past with wisdom and respect, in order to embrace the present time.” – Roelfien Vos

Meaningful design. We’re looking for adhesion in a fluid world. The need for physical, real experiences is increasing. During this time of robotization, the appreciation for authenticity and the story behind every product is growing. Hotel guests look for spaces in which they can be amazed. Spaces that take them into a different world. Guests look for a space in which décor and people breathe hospitality. Moreover, in which the materials are made with love and personal attention; an authentic environment.

We embrace time with the comfort of the present. This is what the interior design of The Lobby and The Suite is based on. It is a space in which we have translated the wisdom of the past to create a deeper understanding of today’s society. At the same time an environment that embraces freedom of mind and being whom we are in the modern world; that is hospitality in the new decade.

Comfort. The Lobby is the beating heart of an international environment and meaningful hospitality concepts.  At the centre of the show, The Lobby and The Suite functions as the living room for blooming creativity, networking and meetings. Both spaces create comfort with a “sense of experience” that inspires and excites its guests. The structures, forms and details in design embrace the guests in an oasis of peace.

Embrace. The concept of ‘embrace’ is reflected by round lines in the pattern of the floor, the organic shapes of the furniture. Soft textures make a beautiful contrast with the cool veins in the green marble and high curtains that embrace the seating area like a warm cocoon. Silk lanterns that light up the space with a blink to the past. Diffused light glimmers through the green leaves which gives comfort like a natural ceiling and connects all of the natural materials to each other.

Roelfien Vos design 3

Roelfien: “From experience to significance’ and ‘staying close to the authentic’. With these two aspects in mind, I designed The Lobby and The Suite. The design focusses on the positive attitude that embraces the world of today. The spaces that I design have to feel delicate and suit the guest’s needs. Unique details in design, forms, color combinations and combinations of materials, accessories and lighting create this unique experience. The more we connect these elements to the authentic, the more the interior design has an added value for the guests. My designs invite, inspire, give life and give comfort. I strive for designs that embrace the soul of tactility and encourage interaction. This is how we give meaning, interpretation and enthusiasm to our designs, as these are the ingredients that everyone needs in this world.”

Roelfien Vos would like to thank her partners:

  • Eichholtz
  • Art company
  • Van Besouw
  • Kvadrat
  • Arte
  • Brand van Egmond
  • Solid Nature
  • Paul Jongerius
  • Taiwan Lantern
  • Orac Decor
  • Coremans bouw & interieur

 Experience Roelfien's installation for yourself; The Lobby will be open to explore and purchase food from from 10.00 - 18.00 on Wednesday and 10.00 - 17.00 on Thursday

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