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This award recognises a unique, innovative concept within an independently spirited hotel, this could be awarded for a longstanding concept or rebrand to revive the hotel offering. The hotel concept should contribute to a better quality of service or enhanced customer experience that through innovation and creativity has truly pushed the boundaries of what a hotel should be.

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Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

The ancient walls of the former monastery bear witness to a long history of community, sanctuary, healing and comfort. Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp is a succession of places, each with its own history and feel, all of which inspire emotions of freedom and unaffected luxury. This exceptional heritage site sets new standards in ambiance, sustainable design and innovation, putting Antwerp on the map as a destination for connoisseurs, business travellers, design devotees, spa aficionados and affluent shoppers.

The Botanic is Antwerp’s first 5-star superior hotel and the city’s first member of Leading Hotels of the World. It brings together a sense of history and contemporary sensibilities – turning experiences into lasting memories.

Imbued with a laid-back spirit, it is a destination with exceptional fine dining, outstanding Belgian cuisine, the ground-breaking Botanic Health Spa and Club, a superb conference centre, and an unparalleled wedding venue. It is a hotspot for celebrations and the ultimate in deluxe hospitality. But most of all, it is the Botanic Sanctuary.

The Botanic. A fascinating place where imagination has space. A destination for connoisseurs and foodies, business travellers and design devotees, spa aficionados and affluent shoppers. Antwerp’s first 5-star superior hotel, the city’s first member of Leading Hotels of the World. The first 5-star superior hotel in Belgium with 4 Michelin stars.

Grand Boutique Hotel Maurits at the Park

Grand Boutique Hotel Maurits at the Park

Welcoming and inspirational. That’s what defines Pillows. We distinguish ourselves by offering a high-end product in a contemporary and casual atmosphere. This is what sets us apart from our competition. The hotel attracts a broad range of target groups, due through the variety of concepts and Amsterdam being an international destination.

At Maurits at the Park we have the culinary setting for every occasion. You can have a complete night out, without leaving the premises. Every outlet has its own concept when it comes to the menu, design, music and appearance of the staff.

Located on the edge of the centre of Amsterdam, the hotel is seamlessly connected with the vibrant Oosterpark. Over 4000 square meters of parkland has been returned to the people of Amsterdam. The hotel’s open invitation is also extended to the park’s cute feathery residents. The art has been made by painter Raphaël Hermans for Pillows Maurits at the Park specifically and is inspired by local flora and fauna. Like all other hotels in the Pillows Hotels Collection, this hotel is housed in a monumental building. In the new design we have taken into account as much as possible of the characteristic and architectural details.

Guests can escape the bustling city by visiting our urban spa, where we create a feeling of total tranquillity. The Living is 24/7 accessible for guests only and functions as an extension to the rooms and suites. It is the place where we welcome our guests upon arrival. It is also the domain of the concierge team. We are proud to say that all our concierges are honoured with Les Clefs d’Or.

Our turndown service is a service in the evening to prepare the guests’ room for the night time. This service gives the ultimate luxury feeling and highest level of comfort before going to bed. Additionally we add a nice sweet or gift to surprise the guest.

Hotel The Noblemen

Hotel The Noblemen

The romantic incorporation of leading figures from the Dutch Golden Age with a luxury travel experience was an idea conceived while wandering through Amsterdam's iconic Negen Straatjes.  In 2020, Niels Zandbergen secured an ideal property along the quiet and leafy Leidsegracht, the very neighborhood where many important historical figures lived and worked.  Thus began the process of combining a passion for Dutch history and culture with a vision for a bold and unique take on hospitality.  An intimate and engaging hotel, full of bespoke details and modern technology- with guest rooms carrying the names, stories, and spirits of the most significant artists, explorers, scientists, and craftsmen of the 17th Century.

Contemporary artist Stef van der Bijl was invited to join the production team, and after careful research and lots of antique hunting, together he and Niels developed the unique designs and special features for each of the rooms that became The Noblemen. 

In the short time that the hotel has been welcoming guests, our proudest achievement is their delight, reflected in numerous unsolicited and unbiased comments, far exceeding our expectations.  

Besides the satisfaction of a job well done, these reflections prove that there are travellers who appreciate a unique luxury hotel concept, one that really brings to life the city where they are visiting. 

op Oost

op Oost

op Oost is a gastronomic destination on the rustic island of Texel, a stone's throw from the Wadden Sea. ‘op Oost' consists of the 'Kook Atelier' restaurant and twelve suites, which are located in an authentic 18th century farmhouse and seaweed shed. All this is surrounded by an edible garden with a view of the farmers' fields and green garden walls. 'Inspired by Nature' is our vision, what you will find in the base and every detail.

When guests board the boat to the island, their worries and unrest remain on the other side. In this boutique hotel they are not only unburdened, but they feel at home. A new place that they didn't know existed at first, but is now on their wish list for their next culinary escape.

op Oost want guests to connect with themselves, their own nature and the nature around them. They do this by exposing them to the elements again. From the wind in their hair, to the salty taste of our kitchen, the smell of the meadows and the sand of the mudflats under their bare feet. It is a form of barefoot luxury that cannot be bought. Because what the guests experience is ‘time’. Time to be themself, to consciously enjoy everything that they are too busy for back home, to play, to discover, to marvel, to wonder…. Time... our most precious asset.

Inspired by Nature is the common thread. In everything we do. From the vegetarian breakfast, to the edible garden in which guests can wander around and taste the moment, the eco linen, natural beds, home-made soft drinks, the reuse of furniture and materials, the no-waste principle, home-made cosmetics for guests and of course the restaurant with the menu ' Served by Nature'.... everything breathes nature. Embrace it, guard it, experience it. Feel wondered at ‘op Oost’. 

The Collector The Hague

The Collector The Hague

The Collector The Hague, a unique and stylish boutique hotel opened its doors in January 2020 in the bustling center of The Hague on the Haagsche Bluf. Over the past three years, the lifestyle boutique hotel of hospitality entrepreneurs Tsibo Lin and Celine Lin-Chu has given a new impulse to the hotel industry in The Hague with their unique design and unparalleled service. And this did not go unnoticed – The Collector was awarded the prestigious Entrée Award 2021 for best hotel in the category 'Best New Hotel 50-100 Rooms'.

The Collector is located behind eight monumental facades on the Haagsche Bluf, a special courtyard in the center of The Hague, with an eclectic mix of architectural styles. A glass bridge connects the different buildings. The lifestyle boutique hotel has a total of 57 rooms, ranging from comfort rooms to suites. The impressive branding and interior process, which was in the hands of Celine Lin-Chu, Managing & Creative Director SLOK Hospitality Group with Hugo Interior Design, resulted in an interior style that is a composite of the history of the building with vintage from the 50s and 60s and classic and modern luxurious design. The completely new upper floor offers super bright rooms with a first-class view over the center of The Hague.

All hotel rooms have a unique character thanks to artworks designed by artist Julie Gondoin. The artworks are all handmade and are based on two classic works: a portrait of the French Duchess Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France and an anonymous portrait of a man exhibited at the Mauritshuis in The Hague. Each artwork tells its own story and is made up of an eclectic collection of small details, such as quartet games from the Royal Family, different parts of Barbie dolls, cassette tapes, lips and much more. The lobby, the first place where guests are introduced to The Collector, is a colorful contrast with showcases full of special collections and a vibrant atmosphere. It is an ideal basecamp where there is room for discovering, with authentic personal service and luxury where it matters.

The Unbound

The Unbound

The Unbound is a contemporary country estate located on the edge of Amsterdam, in the 'De Tuinen Van West' area. This unique, multifunctional urban agriculture and recreation area is the perfect place for city dwellers to relax, reconnect with nature and reflect. The estate features 34 independent cabins and suites, each styled uniquely with designer furniture and architectural vision. Guests can snuggle up in a cosy suite suited for two with a private rooftop and enjoy views over the vegetable garden, or immerse themselves in one of our larger tiny houses in The Field and slip into their very own private wood fired hot tub. The Unbound Village, which is located just across the field, offers an even more remote experience with the addition of 7 more lodges.

The Unbound is a pet-friendly property, and we believe well-being is top priority. On-site, we offer yoga/meditation facilities, wellness experiences, a restaurant, bar, outdoor terrace, our own in-house store and all-inclusive packages. The property is also unique in its ability to cater to a range of events from large scale festivals to small corporate business meetings.

The architecture award-winning property diversifies the landscape with a water feature, marshes, hills and valleys, and conditions have also been created for different types of vegetation. This creates the perfect disguise for the accommodation options, allowing nature to take its course under and between the buildings. As a result, the footprint of the hotel remains literally and figuratively limited, and from the cabins and from the terraces, visitors have a diverse view of the sky, the water, and the natural garden.