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This award is presented to a hotel supplier who has worked with one specific hotel to implement valuable change. This supplier will have collaborated with the hotel to introduce a new concept which has proven to demonstrate clear measurable benefits to the hotel through enhanced guest experience, time management, or ROI.

ADA Cosmetics International X Hotel Uithoorn

Hotel Uithoorn is an hotel situated near the airport of Schiphol. It gives a good quality and has switched to our SHAPE dispender system recently. SHAPE system is a sustainable hygienic Aesthetic Pump Evolution, which propose a closed dispender system with a pump. Due to this dispender
system, the hotel has 43% less product consumption, 50% less product waste and 67% less material input. It gives more costs savings, more sustainability and more environmental protection. It combines comfort and safety to be more hygienic. The holders are developed to ensure simple
mounting, screwed or self-adhesive. The pump is engineered for precise, effortless dispending. The cartridges can be switched with a key and transparent stripes on the side show how much liquid remains.

Mr. Ronald De Ridder, GM of the hotel explains the change to dispenders: For our international clients it is important that we have 300 ml dispensers in the bathrooms with Hair & Body in the shower and Liquid soap at the sink. Therefore we switched to shape. The best of both worlds: a closed dispenser which is hygienic and with a pump that my guest do not need to squeeze the dispensers. It is easy to release the shampoo and shower gel with a gentle push on the pump. The dispensers prevent plastic waste and therefore we said goodbye to the small portions we used to have.

Hotel Supply International X LBG Hotels

Hotel Supply International has a wide collection of products which can contribute to achieve these important goals as we support brands who practise sustainable and social impact business principles. One of these fantastic brands is the Dutch brand Wellmark.

The brand: Wellmark buys all their carefully selected ingredients locally and have them produced by people who have a distance to the labour market. The products are vegan, do not contain SLS, SLES and NO paraben. the candles are made of soy wax. In addition to that the packaging is made of glass and the pumps are made of stainless steel. (hotels are using water glasses in the bathroom as well so why not with your cosmetics)This is not only chic but also reduces the use of plastics. The bottles can be refilled with recycable plastic 1 liter flat bags. Alternatively, Hotel Supply can also pick up the empty bottles at the hotel, have them cleaned, refilled and sealed and have them returned to the hotel with green transport.

LBG hotels has chosen to spoil their guests with the Wellmark products for their sustainable & social impact but also because they smell great and are good for your skin. The group has chosen to customize the labels with their own funny texts, for one hotel even in the "Maastricht’s dialect".

The hotels also have chosen to open a retail area with the Wellmark products to let their guests experience the nice products at home. Hotel Supply is the exclusive partner for the hospitality industry for Wellmark.
 Hotel Supply & LBG hotels have a cooperation of 4 years to start off with for their hotels in Maastricht, Eindhoven, Amsterdam & their 2 newly build hotels in The Hague in 2023-2024.

Hotel Supply should win this award as we have given and will give the LBG hotels and others the chic solution on hotel cosmetics which has a substantial sustainable & social impact. No rocket science but great impact.

Instyle Concepts Projectinrichting X Hotel Nap

De afgelopen jaren heeft Instyle Concepts diverse projecten in ons hotel gehad. In goede harmonie zijn er unieke kamers en publieke ruimtes gecreëerd, waarbij de sfeer van Terschelling en de geschiedenis van het hotel zijn gecombineerd met mijn ideeën als eigenaar en de ontwerpen van
Instyle Concepts. In drie jaar tijd is een hotel waarvan de complete inrichting 30 jaar en ouder was, tot een uniek, modern, sfeervol en gezellig bedrijf.

Zowel de ontwerp fase, de offertes, de planning als zeker ook de uitvoering zijn in goed overleg en op een bijzonder prettige manier verlopen. Waarbij ik ook echt complimenten moet maken over de professionaliteit en enthousiasme van de monteurs die de feitelijke verbouwingen hebben gedaan

Lacoly X De Ware Jacob Boutique Hotel

LACOLY is an automatic WhatsApp messaging service, it proved to be of a great help for De Ware Jacob as a small boutique hotel of 19 rooms, as we have little staff and no night concierge it is essential for us to get information from the arriving guests about their arrival times, as well as breakfast preferences, since as a small hotel we need to optimise and plan everything really precisely space, products and staff wise. We get very good response with LACOLY, which has also integration with our PMS, meaning that arrival times show automatically in the guest's profile.

It has provided greater profit - a lot of guests book breakfast via LACOLY in advance. Cost savings - the information about arrival times and breakfasts allows us to plan our staffing and products purchasing better.

Oopkop X DoubleTree

DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Central Station and OOPKOP (Afrikaans for 'Open Mind') have entered into a partnership that gives hotel employees access to various programs and tools that help to increase mental resilience and vitality. 

Floris Licht, General Manager of DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Central Station: “We believe that as employers we must and can do something extra to bind employees to us. The time of simply signing an employment contract and then getting to work is really over. It is also important for us to invest preventively in mental health. This contributes to more productivity, fewer burnouts and less turnover. Thanks to this collaboration, we can now provide our team with support in various areas in an accessible way.”

For example, employees have the standard opportunity to spar with an external coach for 30 minutes anonymously. This can be about matters they encounter in the workplace, but also about themes in their private lives. Participants choose their own coach in an online environment where the options and planning can be found. “This is already often done by the employees of the hotel,” says Derk van Haastert, co-founder of OOPKOP.

“Especially since the rapid return of tourism after Corona, there is often a high workload in the hotel industry, which can cause stress for some employees. Partly among younger employees and millennials, there is often additional pressure from their private environment, which in some cases can result in mental problems.” 

Employees can choose from coaching, psychologists, breathwork, mindfulness, personality testing, meditation, sleep support, retreats and yoga, among others. 

SmartHOTEL X Oud London

From historic perspective there has always been a relationship between Oud London and SmartHOTEL from the times we were still delivering on premise POS and PMS systems. After some 'wanderings' around to other systems the hotel returned to Opera PMS and started working with the SmartHOTEL Channel Manager again. The Channel Manager became a new starting point of an even better cooperation in which SmartHOTEL really listened to Oud London and was able to integrate other value adding services from 3rd party suppliers to the hotels PMS & on top of that with Smart Payments take away all manual work out of many of their (pre)payment processes.

Obviously there are many standard solution out there, but the demand driven approach from SmartHOTEL, really listening to the hotels and developing its solutions in-house without locking the hotels into an all in one (PMS) system is an unique approach that drives innovation!

All transactions that in the past required any form of manual interaction are now handled by the rule based Smart Payments system including deposit push directly on the guestfolio in the PMS. And since the payment market (/rules) and consumer behaviour is constantly changing it is very valuable
that it is an easy configurable system which can be adjusted over time following the updated payment policies and processes. Also all prepaid bookings from OTA's like that are paid out via Virtual Credit Cards to the hotel were in the past typed over on the physical terminals and now simply captured by Smart Payments. Less manual work for Front/back office - more time for guests. Less manual, error sensitive and repetitive work in order to help hotels do business better.

Unifai X Holiday Inn City Center East

Unifai is changing the way companies operate and communicate on a daily basis. Taking team performance to a new level? A new software now makes that possible. The software company Unifai bundles all internal daily processes of a hotel with its system to improve the team's performance in a smart and intuitive way. Unifai unites all operational hotel processes on a single platform from services to pending repairs to documenting guests' lost items and revolutionises them through innovation and modern technology.
Unifai is a hotel operations software that includes 7 key modules: an internal chat system, a connected team calendar, a task management board, a communication board, a maintenance issue and lost item registry, and employee analytics.

Introducing a central communication and collaboration hub, accessible to all employees, has proven to be one of the most valuable changes Unifai brought to Holiday Inn City Center East (HICCE). In doing so, Unifai was able to improve employee time management across various aspects of daily business. Consequently, the software also enabled the HICCE to vastly improve revenue and guest satisfaction.

HICCE's everyday hotel life was already stressful enough. Employees had to fight their way through notes, request calls and floods of internal emails and WhatsApp messages to keep track of everything. This method of conducting daily business often led to a lack of transparency and therefore slowed down how effectively the hotel could deal with important issues.

By measuring communication requests and response times, it was possible to demonstrate clear, measurable improvements after the introduction of the Unifai software. Two of the many modules of Unifai provided the HICCE with an internal chat tool and digital task allocation platform for all employees that allowed for much quicker internal communication, especially between the frontline workers. As a result, maintenance issues were resolved several days sooner and guest requests were handled 2.5x faster than before.

On top of that, employee satisfaction also increased by 62% according to internal surveys. Due to more traceability, transparency and accountability, workers were shown more recognition for their completed tasks. Especially, during times of worker shortages in the German hospitality sector, this
was another key benefit for the HICCE, as a result of a decreased employee turnover.

By taking into consideration all these factors and many other intangible benefits that the HICCE was provided with, the hotel was able to greatly increase their guest satisfaction levels. This increase in internal collaboration efficiency thus created greater demand for the hotel, enabling the HICCE to set higher prices for their services. Since the introduction of Unifai, average room revenue has increased by over 20%.

Unifai is a great help in our daily hotel operations, enabling straight forward digital communication between all departments and its employees. Whether it's handovers from daily hotel operations, guest requests or urgent repair requests - Unifai is our go-to tool for efficient communication.