Dedicated to supporting the needs of the modern hotelier, the Independent Hotel Show Amsterdam delivers aspirational content alongside practical solutions, as well as facilitating those unanticipated connections that could totally transform your business. Similar to the way you run your hotel business, every detail matters and we have carefully curated each element of the show to ensure we deliver the best experience for you.

Seminar Programme

In partnership with Freemotion Fitness and HotelPartner

Guided by a select group of industry thought leaders, our seminars have been programmed especially for you, to promote conversation around topics we know are of the utmost importance to hoteliers today.

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Social Business Space

Hosted by HotelloTop, designed by PTMD

Exclusively for hoteliers, the Social Business Space will host intimate, in-depth discussions to help you engineer methods to overcome the issues you’re facing in the industry. This beautifully designed space offers an opportunity to meet, reconnect and share ideas.

Do Not Disturb Café

Designed by WeWantMore

The design of the Do Not Disturb Café plays into hotel archetypes originally introduced to ensure guests of their privacy.

Only here, they have the opposite effect. An enlarged peephole and semi-transparent curtains encourage people to peek inside. Door hangers act as welcoming menus. And while a hotel room door is presumed to seal you off from the outside world, this one does no such thing.

The Suite & The Lobby

Designed by Roelfien Vos

Enter our central networking space, The Lobby. An oasis of calm and tranquillity at the heart of the show, the space serves as an area to network, enjoy refreshments and host meetings. Within this is The Suite, our exclusive space offering hospitality to our VIP hoteliers, speakers, partners and their guests.

Networking Drinks

Each year, the Independent Hotel Show brings together hoteliers to meet and connect with colleagues and new prospects. This is the perfect time for you to network whilst enjoying a drink on us.

The Concept Lab

Designed by Robuust Amsterdam

Showcasing true innovation and coveted ideas, The Concept Lab will present a hand-picked collection of the industry’s most forward-thinking independent brands offering unique and exciting solutions to implement in your hotel; providing a first look at the possibilities surrounding the future of the hotel experience.