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Redefining Your Guests In The Post-Pandemic World

The COVID-19 crisis has caused consumers everywhere to change their behaviors, rapidly. Behavioral science tells us that identifying consumers' new beliefs, habits, and 'peak moments' is central to adapting services and introducing new booking models. This session will explore post-pandemic traveller demands and how loyalty is being redefined.

Host: Ajay Kapur, Bachelor Program Manager - Hotelschool The Hague


  • Erwin de Graaff, Vice President Operations managed hotels Benelux - Accor
  • Marc van der Hulst, Industry Manager Travel - Google
  • Henry Robben, Professor of Marketing - Nyenrode Business Universiteit

State of the Nation

In this session we'll explore the big picture across Benelux's hotel industry. The last two years have been unprecedented, but how do we move forward? And where to we go from here? Join us to discuss the opportunities, implications and possibilities for you and your hotel.


  • Rosianne Kindler, Account Manager Benelux and France - STR- Leader in Data benchmarking, analytics and marketplace insights

Big Brand Thinking: Opportunities in A Post-Pandemic World

In this session we'll hear from three big name brands, from outside the world hospitality. Join us for ideas, inspiration, and to uncover the opportunities for your business.

Host: Thom Roelofs, Project Leader & Freelance Interviewer - Bookboon Publishers


  • Jos Kuilboer, Operational Director - Heineken
  • Maurits van der Sluis, Chief Operating Officer / Raad van Bestuur - RAI Amsterdam
  • John Harris, Vice President of Business Development - Freemotion Fitness

Experience Vs. Transformation: Stand Out from the Crowd

In today's world, consumers are seeking more than just 'experience'. They crave something authentic. Providing your guests with a meaningful stay, presents you with an unmissable opportunity to stand out from the crowd. But how can you connect with them on the most personal level?

Host: Ajay Kapur, Bachelor Program Manager - Hotelschool The Hague


  • Michelle Zandbergen, Owner - Hotel Craftsmen
  • Bruno Bont, Owner - Hotel Not Hotel
  • Niels De Jong, Head of Operations - CityHub

The Rise of The Smart Hotel

Smart technology has transformed our home environment in recent years, and now the hotel industry is quickly adaptinjg to provide guests with a 'better than home' experience. From in-room voice assistants to facial recognition, casting devices to smart controls, our expert panel will deep dive into how technology is changing the hospitality landscape.

Host: Sander Allegro, Chairman - QL Hotels


  • Annette Lunter, Owner - Snoozz Hotels
  • Kaj Beetsra, Owner - Innovation in Motion
  • David Kijlstra, Co-Founder - Your Rocket Fuel

Sensory Design: Imagining the Impossible

Gone are the days where creating an appealing and memorable hospitality environment was just about aesthetics. Join industry professionals at the forefront of sensory design as they discuss the importance of addressing all five senses to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Host: Neil Wease


  • Robert Westerveld, MUURBLOEM Design Studio - Lead Interior Designer
  • Roelfien Vos, Owner and Interior Designer - Roelfien Vos Interior Design and Architecture
  • Gerrit Vos, Creative Director and Owner - Workshop of Wonders

Trends for 2022 - What does the future hold?

IGD delivers a data-driven session shining light on the trends for 2022, plus demonstrating what operators should be paying attention to and leveraging for success in the coming year.


  • Nicola Knight, Senior Analyst - IGD
  • James Walton, Chief Economist - IGD

What's new in hospitality marketing?

2022 is the year of connected, mobile-friendly websites, social discovery and online review management. Join us to learn how you can use emerging technologies to help your brand grow.


  • Meela Leino, Marketing Manager - Verse

Clearing the air - exploring the ROI of a cleaner breathing space

For the foreseeable future, the issue of air quality is going to be a long term consideration for any large indoor venue. Join Keith Frein of Sterilumen, as he explains the issues to be aware of in this field, shares high risk points of concern and discusses potential technological solutions which are already paving the way for hospitality venues and hotels across Europe.


  • Keith Frein, VP of International Sales - Sterilumen

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